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 Alembic File Format
 Arnold Ray Tracer Support
 Audio Interface
 Eigen Math Library
 Elemental Physics
 General Networking
 Godot Game Engine Integration
 Graph Renderer
 Immediate Mode Gui
 Katana SDK
 Networked Signaling
 Open Dynamics Engine Integration
 OpenAL Audio Integration
 OpenGL Extension Wrangler Library
 OpenSceneGraph Support
 Operator Prototypes
 Operator Tests
 Planet Library
 Ptex Polygon Textures
 Ray Tracing
 Scene Graph Interface
 Shader Collection
 Shader Commons
 Simple DirectMedia Layer Integration
 support for images and game controllers
 Simulated Intelligence
 Terrain Height Maps
 Universal Scene Description
 Voxel Data Base
 XGen Archive Format
 XGen is a surface scatter tool which can be used for grooming hair and fur.
 XML File Format
 ZeroMQ Networking

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