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FE BindEditOp


Manually adjusts associations of points, primitives, or fragments to a driver surface.


Attributes are edited on the Input Surface with repect to the a Driver Surface. Usually, these inputs should be the same as a preceding SurfaceBindOp.


The driver can be limited to a specific subset of faces using a primitive Driver Group. This is generally intended to match the driver group on the SurfaceBindOp.


Without modifiers, clicking the left mouse button will select a point on the input mesh. Only specific vertex points can be selected.

Holding the control key will show the driver surface in order to select a binding location by clicking the left mouse button (while still holding the control key). The binding location can be anywhere on any face and does not need to fall directly on a vertex.

The mouse wheel controls the drilling depth. The initial depth will pick the surface closest to the viewer. Increasing the depth will skip over surfaces and can allow picking of points within or on the backside of surfaces.


demonstrated in Houdini

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