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FE CacheOp


Stores a copy of the input at each frame to increase performance.


The single Input Surface is potentially stored for reuse.

An optional Watch Surface can be used to watch for changes. If this second surface is not provided, the first input is used for watching.


If Temporal in used, any frame that is recooked will clear the cache data for any following frames. This is intended for nodes that carry state through time, like SOP-based simulations.

Activating Watch for Changes will cause the node to keep a record of parameter settings of nodes upstream to its inputs. Expressions are stored as such, not as simple values. If a change is detected, the cache will be cleared for all frames. Note that changing frames (time scrubbing) does not generally change parameters.

Each cache node can belong to a named Hoard of many CacheOp nodes. The Clear Cache button only clears the cache for the particular node. Alternatively, Clear Hoard will try to clear all CacheOp nodes in the same hoard. Lastly, Clear Global attempts to clear all CacheOp nodes, regardless of which hoard they belong to.

The Change Color option allows the node to change its color in the Network View. The Color after Reset is used after the cache is cleared, either manually or from an upstream change. The Color after Rebake when there was no cache and the input needed to be rebaked, except immediately after a reset. The Color using Cache is used when a valid cache was available.


currently Houdini only

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