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FE GridWrapOp

original, driver, and result (displaced for illustration)


Moves points on the input to follow a driver surface.

This is an experimental operator that stores binding data as two dimensional surface data, like a texture map. This allows intuitive smoothing of binding data with other points in near proximity.

Currently, the binding is done internally, so there is no related binding node.


Attributes are added to the Input Surface to represent a displaced connection to a Driver Surface. The input and driver should be supplied at the same frame, commonly the reference pose. The Deformed Surface specifies an animated position of the driver that the input surface should follow.


The Grid Width and Grid Height specify the number of cells in the two dimensional grid. Associations of the points into this grid is through the normalized uv values in the Coordinate Attribute. These cells are iteratively smoothed by a the number of Convolutions.


demonstrated in Houdini

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