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FE PartitionOp

cube partitioned by shader, connectivity, and native Maya sets


Distinguishes regions of a surface, such as by connectivity.


A single Input Surface is processed.


The surface is evaluated based on the Mode of Any Group, Connectivity, or Shader.

The group mode picks one group for each element. If an element is in more than one group, the choice should be considered arbitrary. If an element is not in any group, it is left blank.

The connectivity mode breaks up the surface into regions that are held together by primitives that share points. It assigns a unique number to each region, as a string.

The shader mode looks up which shader each primitive is hooked up to and uses that as a unique name.

A string attribute named by Partition Attr is created of the rate specified by Class, either Point or Primitive. This attribute is populated by the Partition Text. Every instance of the Replace Pattern in this text is replaced by the unique name. The text should contain at least one instance of the pattern in order to be useful.


Currently, the shader evaluation is only supported in Maya.

There is currently no support for generating Maya-native partitions. This node creates string data directly on the points or primitives.

(FE alpha) prototype
tested in Houdini and Maya

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