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FE QuiltOp

simple grid, quilted, bloated, and length corrected (a point near the center is tacked)


Creates duplicate faces with opposing normals.


The single input surface is quilted.


Tacking causes points in a Group to stay tied together with their counterpart. If Fusion is activated, the tacked points will be shared instead of duplicated into a pair. Without fusion, duplicated tacked points are simply added to the tacking group.

The Boundary mode determines how to treat points that are not surrounded by faces (defined as having one more adjacent edge than adjacent faces). A mode of Break just creates duplicate points with no further association. Using Bind will keep the original point and attach it to the new duplicate faces. The Expand mode is also bound but adds extra points to reduce the potential knife edge.

If is Boundary Group is named, this group is created and all detected boundary points are added to the group, including duplicates from a break, but not added expansion points. This group could be used the smooth the result without shrinking the perimeter.


tested in Houdini

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