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FE SurfaceProxyOp

512 face ellipses converted to 4 face proxies


Creates a simplified representation of each fragment.

Currently, this operator only makes roughly oval shapes, as for feathers.


The Input Surface is used as reference to create a new mesh in the Output Surface. Each output fragment should be have a similar share as the corresponding input fragment.


If Fragment is on, the point string Fragment Attr describes membership of each point into a fragment where all points have the same string. Without fragmenting, the entire surface will be converted into one proxy.

The number of Segments will determine how many edges will be created down the spine of each proxy shape.

If Snap is on, each point each output fragment will snap to the nearest point on the corresponding input fragment. This is not the nearest searched location on the input surface, but rather the actual nearest discrete input point. This can be important when there is significance to some of the exact positions in the input and there is a reasonable expectation that each proxy point will snap to the correct one.


(FE alpha) prototype
tested in Houdini

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