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FE TreeOp

Quaking Aspen in Maya

Colliding L-System in Houdini

Quaking Aspen as a direct Arnold procedural


Applies a physical simulation to trees or plants.

This node contains the original implementation of the 2008 IEEE CG&A paper "Fast Simulation of Realistic Trees".


If connected, the Input Surface supplies line segments that are converted to branch segments. The Output Surface is then a copy of the Input Surface with the point positions changed.

If no input is connected, the Tree Name is used to load a procedural growth definition. In this case, the Output Surface is purely generated.


The tree is grown or placed at the Tree Location, unless a Tree Name is used that defines a grove of multiple trees at once.

The Wind Direction specifies a uniform velocity field for wind. The facing area of each branch segment affects the response, so the force applied to each segment is not the same. The magnitude of the Wind Direction describes the intensity.

Toggling Y Is Up off can switch from presuming a world vertical on the Y axis to the Z axis.

A spherical collider can be specified with the Collider Center and Collider Radius.


testing in Houdini and Maya

Arnold support is very preliminary.

A stand-alone viewer is also available.

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