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FE ValidateOp


Checks the input for invalid points.

The input position vectors are scanned for invalid numbers, potentially the result of math operations where there is no solution. Such erroneous conditions can be indicated with a special value of "not a number" which has the unusual property that it is not equal to itself (or anything else).


The Input Surface is copied to the Output Surface, possibly modifying invalid points.

An optional Replacement Surface should be like the Input Surface in topology, but known to have valid points, perhaps from a reference pose. In practice, while it makes sense to use the same topology, only point positions are actually queried.


The Mode indicate how to respond to invalid number, to simply warn about the problem in the node message and/or log, to fail and throw and exception, or to replace invalid numbers with valid ones.

If a Replacement Surface is provided, a replacement value is queried from that surface at the same point index. If it is not provided or it does not have enough points, an origin value of all zeros is used for a replacement.


(FE alpha) prototype
tested in Houdini

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