[fe] FE 20130903 release notes

Jason Weber baboon at imonk.com
Tue Sep 3 13:52:21 PDT 2013

Free Electron
snapshot 'grass'
release 20130903

A ClaspOp has been added that updates ties between pairs of grommets.
The result resembles a wrap, but can maintain a taut appearance
while also adjusting for collisions.

SurfaceBindOp (and SurfaceWrapOp) now have the ability to save
fragment locator data in a form needed for the new ClaspOp
to attach string ties to wrapped grommets (buttons).

The MEL scripts have been cleaned up, particularly when not in the
'Reveal Stages' mode.  Also the wrap script should no longer
strip out the driver attribute data required to allow partitioned wraps.

release 20130822

PartitionOp has an option to divide a surface based on which shaders
are attached, providing a simple and visual way to group faces in Maya.
Currently, this mode is not supported in Houdini.
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