Free Electron Compatible Technologies

Compatible Technology

Free Electron has a specific extension module to interface with each of the following publicly available tools. All these technologies are optional and are accessed through abstracted interfaces. Selection between interchangeable technologies and different versions of those technologies is done automatically at run time. Loading of each support library is deferred until it is actually used.

ToolDescriptionCurrent Usage
Alembic graphics interchange format mesh and joint import
Arnold ray tracing renderer host application
Boost portable C++ source threads, regex, etc
data exchange technology mesh and joint import
GraphViz graph visualization software
Houdini procedural animation tool host application
data-interchange format
Lua embeddable scripting language
Maya 3D animation software host application
OpenAL audio API
OpenCL computing languagevery fast operators
ODE rigid body dynamics library
OpenGL 2D and 3D vector graphics API
image library
library for reading and writing images
ToolDescriptionCurrent Usage
OpenMP shared memory multiprocessing multi-threading
3D graphics toolkit
OpenSubdiv high performance subdivision surface evaluation
OpenVDB sparse volumetric data


Perl Compatible Regular Expressions
Python programming language
Ptex per-polygon textures
SDL low-level media access
template library for task parallelism multi-threading


image format
Unreal Engine suite of creation tools dynamic meshes and morph targets
Universal Scene Description Hydra rendering


scatter and grooming tools curve generation
XML markup language custom joint data
YAML human-friendly data serialization language

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