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fe::Accessor< T > Member List

This is the complete list of members for fe::Accessor< T >, including all inherited members.

Accessor(void) (defined in fe::Accessor< T >)fe::Accessor< T >inline
Accessor(sp< Scope > scope, const String &attribute) (defined in fe::Accessor< T >)fe::Accessor< T >inline
Accessor(const Accessor< T > &other) (defined in fe::Accessor< T >)fe::Accessor< T >inline
attribute(void) constfe::BaseAccessor
BaseAccessor(void) (defined in fe::BaseAccessor)fe::BaseAccessor
bind(const WeakRecord &a_record)fe::BaseAccessorinline
c_val(void) (defined in fe::Accessor< T >)fe::Accessor< T >inline
check(const RecordSB &r) constfe::BaseAccessorinline
check(const WeakRecordSB &r) constfe::BaseAccessorinline
check(RecordSB *pR) constfe::BaseAccessorinline
check(sp< RecordArraySB > &rspRA) constfe::BaseAccessorinline
check(RecordArraySB &rRA) constfe::BaseAccessorinline
check(sp< LayoutSB > &rspL) constfe::BaseAccessorinline
check(LayoutSB &rL) constfe::BaseAccessorinline
check(const RecordAV &r) constfe::BaseAccessorinline
check(const WeakRecordAV &r) constfe::BaseAccessorinline
check(RecordAV *pR) constfe::BaseAccessorinline
check(sp< RecordArrayAV > &rspRA) constfe::BaseAccessorinline
check(RecordArrayAV &rRA) constfe::BaseAccessorinline
check(sp< LayoutAV > &rspL) constfe::BaseAccessorinline
check(LayoutAV &rL) constfe::BaseAccessorinline
check(sp< Layout > &rspL) const (defined in fe::BaseAccessor)fe::BaseAccessorinline
check(Layout &rL) const (defined in fe::BaseAccessor)fe::BaseAccessorinline
index(void) const (defined in fe::BaseAccessor)fe::BaseAccessorinline
initialize(sp< Scope > scope, const String &attribute)fe::BaseAccessor
initialize(Scope *pScope, const String &attribute)fe::BaseAccessor
initialize(sp< Scope > scope, sp< Attribute > spAttribute)fe::BaseAccessor
m_hpScope (defined in fe::BaseAccessor)fe::BaseAccessorprotected
m_index (defined in fe::BaseAccessor)fe::BaseAccessorprotected
m_optional_record (defined in fe::BaseAccessor)fe::BaseAccessorprotected
m_pT (defined in fe::Accessor< T >)fe::Accessor< T >private
m_typeInfo (defined in fe::BaseAccessor)fe::BaseAccessorprotected
name(void) const (defined in fe::BaseAccessor)fe::BaseAccessor
operator FE_UWORD() const (defined in fe::BaseAccessor)fe::BaseAccessorinline
operator T &() (defined in fe::Accessor< T >)fe::Accessor< T >inline
operator()(const RecordSB &r)fe::Accessor< T >inline
operator()(const RecordSB &r) constfe::Accessor< T >inline
operator()(const WeakRecordSB &r)fe::Accessor< T >inline
operator()(const WeakRecordSB &r) constfe::Accessor< T >inline
operator()(RecordSB *record)fe::Accessor< T >inline
operator()(sp< RecordArraySB > &rspRA, FE_UWORD index)fe::Accessor< T >inline
operator()(sp< RecordArraySB > &rspRA, FE_UWORD index) constfe::Accessor< T >inline
operator()(hp< RecordArraySB > &rhpRA, FE_UWORD index)fe::Accessor< T >inline
operator()(const RecordSB &r, const char *message)fe::Accessor< T >inline
operator()(const RecordAV &r)fe::Accessor< T >inline
operator()(const RecordAV &r) constfe::Accessor< T >inline
operator()(const WeakRecordAV &r)fe::Accessor< T >inline
operator()(const WeakRecordAV &r) constfe::Accessor< T >inline
operator()(RecordAV *record)fe::Accessor< T >inline
operator()(sp< RecordArrayAV > &rspRA, FE_UWORD index)fe::Accessor< T >inline
operator()(sp< RecordArrayAV > &rspRA, FE_UWORD index) constfe::Accessor< T >inline
operator()(hp< RecordArrayAV > &rhpRA, FE_UWORD index)fe::Accessor< T >inline
operator()(const RecordAV &r, const char *message)fe::Accessor< T >inline
operator()(const RecordAV &record, T &data) (defined in fe::Accessor< T >)fe::Accessor< T >
operator()(const WeakRecordAV &record, T &data) (defined in fe::Accessor< T >)fe::Accessor< T >
operator()(const RecordSB &record, T &data) (defined in fe::Accessor< T >)fe::Accessor< T >inline
operator()(const WeakRecordSB &record, T &data) (defined in fe::Accessor< T >)fe::Accessor< T >inline
operator()(const sp< LayoutAV > &spLayout) (defined in fe::Accessor< T >)fe::Accessor< T >inline
operator*(void) (defined in fe::Accessor< T >)fe::Accessor< T >inline
operator<(const BaseAccessor &other) const (defined in fe::BaseAccessor)fe::BaseAccessorinline
operator=(const Accessor< T > &other) (defined in fe::Accessor< T >)fe::Accessor< T >inline
operator=(const T &a_value) (defined in fe::Accessor< T >)fe::Accessor< T >inline
operator=(const BaseAccessor &other) (defined in fe::BaseAccessor)fe::BaseAccessor
operator==(const BaseAccessor &other) const (defined in fe::BaseAccessor)fe::BaseAccessorinline
populate(sp< Scope > spScope, const String &layout, const String &attribute)fe::BaseAccessor
queryAttribute(const RecordSB &r, T *&data)fe::Accessor< T >inline
queryAttribute(const WeakRecordSB r, T *&data)fe::Accessor< T >inline
queryAttribute(const RecordSB &r) (defined in fe::Accessor< T >)fe::Accessor< T >inline
queryAttribute(const WeakRecordSB r)fe::Accessor< T >inline
queryAttribute(RecordSB *pR)fe::Accessor< T >inline
queryAttribute(sp< RecordArraySB > &rspRA, FE_UWORD index)fe::Accessor< T >inline
queryAttribute(const RecordAV &r, T *&data)fe::Accessor< T >inline
queryAttribute(const WeakRecordAV r, T *&data)fe::Accessor< T >inline
queryAttribute(const RecordAV &r) (defined in fe::Accessor< T >)fe::Accessor< T >inline
queryAttribute(const WeakRecordAV r)fe::Accessor< T >inline
queryAttribute(RecordAV *pR)fe::Accessor< T >inline
queryAttribute(sp< RecordArrayAV > &rspRA, FE_UWORD index)fe::Accessor< T >inline
registerDefault(T *pT) (defined in fe::Accessor< T >)fe::Accessor< T >inline
scope(void) const (defined in fe::BaseAccessor)fe::BaseAccessor
setup(sp< Scope > spScope, const String &attribute)fe::BaseAccessor
setup(sp< Scope > scope, const String &attribute, const String &attributetype)fe::BaseAccessor
typeCheck(const String &attribute) (defined in fe::BaseAccessor)fe::BaseAccessor
~Accessor(void) (defined in fe::Accessor< T >)fe::Accessor< T >inline
~BaseAccessor(void) (defined in fe::BaseAccessor)fe::BaseAccessor