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FE BloatOp

cylinder drives a point group that bounds a negative bloat


Increases and/or decreases the overall size of the input.

A group can be specified to mask the effect.


The single input surface is subject to various methods of size changes.


A Point Group can be specified to isolate the effects to the points of a group.

If Weighted in on, the real Weight Attribute on the points is used to scale the effect. The Weight Offset is add to each weight value. This can be useful to shift the values to a range above and below zero if the attribute originally only contained positive values.

The input surface is altered using a combination of three methods, each of which can be positive or negative. Scaling multiplies the distance of points relative to the center of the surface, like a common transform. Expansion adds a uniform distance to points, away from the center. Bloat moves points in the direction of their normals by a uniform distance.


tested in Houdini and Maya

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