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Free Electron Operators

Common Operators

BloatOp enlarge or shrink regions of a surface
ClaspOp update ties between pairs of locators
ConnectOp create triangles from just points
CurveCreateOp create a single curve primitive
CurveSampleOp redistribute control vertices
ExcarnateOp reduce surfaces to skeletal lines
ExportOp save a surface to a file
FollicleOp add/remove/slide unconnected points associated with a driver surface
GroupOp create groups of points or primitives
HammerOp weighted transform (soft mod)
HingeOp rotate a surface about an axis
HobbleOp reduce the overall motion of a body (spatial comp)
ImportOp load file into a surface
InfluenceOp transfer attribute, weighted by geodesic distance
LengthCorrectOp adjust segment lengths to match an original
MapOp load a texture map into an attribute
MirrorOp copy points across an axis
NoiseOp apply Perlin noise to points in space
NullOp pass input to output
OffsetOp transfer local displacements
OpenSubdivOp increase surface resolution (using OpenSubdiv)
PartitionOp determine surface parts based on criteria such as connectivity
PoisonOp mark undesirable points
PuppetOp manipulate joints
QuiltOp add a back side to a surface
RasterOp save or load a point map to/from a file
RulerOp visualize and measure aspects of a surface
SpreadsheetOp view surface attributes as a table
StashOp store a copy of the input for out-of-line use
SubdivideOp increase surface resolution
SurfaceAttrConformOp pick a single attribute value for each fragment
SurfaceAttrCopyOp copy attributes from one surface to another
SurfaceAttrCreateOp create attributes
SurfaceAttrLabOp visualize and/or apply simple algorithms to an attribute
SurfaceAttrRampOp populate an attribute with ramped values
SurfaceBindOp prepare data for a SurfaceWrapOp
SurfaceCopyOp replicate an input surface for each point on a second surface
SurfaceMetricOp calculate a relationship between two surfaces
SurfaceNormalOp add normals to a surface
SurfaceProxyOp create a simplified representation of each fragment
SurfaceSampleOp apply attributes from another surface
SurfaceSummaryOp describe some aspects of a surface
SurfaceWalkOp create a curve that tries to follow a straight line along polygon edges
SurfaceWrapOp move a bound input to follow the deformation of a reference driver
TubeOp generate tubes from curves
ValidateOp check for invalid points

Grass And Hair Operators

BenderOp interactively manipulate independent curves or narrow surfaces by keys
BladeOp simulate grass or short hair
ClumpOp pull input curves towards guide curves
ContractOp retract input curves towards their roots
CurlOp push input curves away from their original line in a spiral fashion
DodgeOp push curves away from a collider
FlatnessOp rotate each curve towards its facing direction
KinkOp apply lateral noise along each curve
ScatterOp create randomly located points on a surface
SpineFitOp generate a single curve for each primitive surface
TwistBindOp prepare data for a TwistWrapOp
TwistWrapOp move a bound input to follow the deformation of reference curves, respecting a twisting attribute

Vegetation Operators

LimberOp combine disjoint curves into a single hierarchy
TreeOp simulate vegetation

Ironworks Operators

ChainOp attach rigid links to arbitrary curves
WayPathOp generate a curve from waypoints
WayPointOp append spatial points contributing to a curve
WayRestraintOp constrain the distance between waypoints

OpenCL Operators

CacheCLOp store a copy of the input
ClumpCLOp pull input curves towards guide curves
ContractCLOp retract input curves towards their roots
CurlCLOp push input curves away from their original line in a spiral fashion
FlatnessCLOp rotate each curve towards its facing direction
KinkCLOp apply lateral noise along each curve
OpenCLOp parent class to most of the OpenCL operators
TransformCLOp apply a single transform to all input points

Houdini-Only Operators

CacheOp store copies of intermediate surfaces
PortalOp store or retrieve surfaces out-of-line (prototype)
UnveilOp extract FE surface primitive into native Houdini data
VeilOp encode native Houdini data into an FE surface primitive

Maya-Only Operators

CurveCombineOp combine multiple Maya curve objects into a single multi-curve surface
CurveSeparateOp break apart a multi-curve surface into regular Maya curve objects
JointCombineOp combine multiple Maya joint objects into a single multi-joint surface
JointSeparateOp break apart a multi-joint surface into regular Maya joint objects
MeshSeparateOp separate a multi-part mesh into multiple separate meshes

Prototype and Test Operators

AttachOp simple wrap as a code example
BindEditOp alter surface bindings before applying a wrap
BrushTestOp demonstrate adaptive subdivision
CurvaceousOp modify regions of curves
DrawTestOp create geometry using the draw interface
FusionOp rebuild faces to ensure edges at all intersections
GridWrapOp wrap based on bindings in texture space
JunkOp create a surface with invalid floats (nan values)
MimicOp draw the input into a brush
MultiModOp multi-context soft transform
NexusOp edit node connections
RecordOp send and receive surfaces as generic data records
XRayOp interactively raytrace a subregion of the 3D viewport

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