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FE OffsetOp


The primary input is displaced by the offset from the second input to the third.

The intended usage is that the primary input is an animated deforming version of the second input (likely a fixed reference pose). The third input is used to do localized changes from the reference, like scaling particular regions, and then transferring those changes to the primary input as though the changes were made before the animated deformations occurred.


The Input Surface is altered based on the change from the Reference Surface to the Displaced Surface. All three surfaces should have matching topology as though they have come from a common original, perhaps the Reference Surface itself.

For each point, an offset is found in the local space of the reference measuring how much the displaced version changes the reference. That same offset is added to the primary input, in its local space of that same point.

Normals that are malformed, highly deformed, or very intricate may defeat the purpose of this operator.




tested in Houdini

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