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FE OperatorThreaded


Common functionality for threaded operators.

This operator does nothing on its own and should not appear directly as a plugin. It does provide parameters shared by many other plugins.


Some subset of the operator's processing is divided amongst a number of Threads. If AutoThread is on, the number is chosen automatically as the number of cores evident on the local machine.

For Houdini 12.5 and higher, the Page option restricts the threads to write to different attribute pages instead of using the newer hardening techniques. This option has no effect in Houdini 12.0 and 12.1 where paging is the only method available. This option has no effect in Houdini 11 and Maya since their threading has no page restrictions.

If Stay Alive is used, the threads are kept running, at idle, when this node is not processing. This may make the node process faster, but it might be a risky choice.

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