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FE SpreadsheetOp

Maya cube attached to three different shaders (each attribute created by a PartitionOp)


Displays a table of attribute values stored on a surface.


The single input surface is examined.


The Class chooses which rate to examine: Points, Vertices, Primitives, and Detail. Note that these labels follow Houdini terminology, but work equivalently in Maya. Points can be shared between primitives. Vertices are unique to a primitive, each referencing to a single point. On faceted surfaces, there is one primitive for each face. Each primitive usually references multiple vertices. The detail attributes can contain general data for the entire surface.

The table will contain the specified Attributes, if they exist for the chosen rate. The width of the table is limited to the elements of that rate from a Start index to maximum number given by Length.

A Display Offset displaces the table from the top of the viewer pane.

The Scroll Scale adjusts how quickly the table is moved using the mouse in the viewer.

Activating Log To Console causes the table to also print to the command line.


You must be in a compatible tool mode to see the spreadsheet in the viewer.

Dragging with the left mouse button will slide the data in the same direction, unless the scroll scaling is negative, which reverses the direction.

The mouse wheel scrolls the data one element at a time but is not affected by scroll scaling.


tested in Houdini and Maya

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