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FE SurfaceWalkOp


Creates a curve that tries to follow a straight line along polygon edges.


The Input Surface is used as a source of edges.

The Output Surface is a single curve that is subset of the input edges that tries to keep as straight of a line as possible.


The First Index and Second Index indicate the input point where the first segment should be placed, in the direction of first to second.

While the algorithm walks down the input surface, it computes the angles it will need to turn in order to follow each candidate segment that the current segment is connected to. The algorithm will select the route with the smallest angle change (per step, not overall). But, if all candidate angles for a step are greater than the Max Turn Angle, the algorithm will simply stop walking and terminate the line at that point.

The algorithm is limited to walking over Max Output Points, where it will terminate the line, regardless of whether there is a good path to continue on.


(FE alpha) prototype
tested in Houdini

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