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fe::Tracker Class Reference

Watches the usage of reference counted objects. More...

#include <Tracker.h>

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Public Member Functions

 Tracker (String name)
void suppress (void *pPtr)
void acquire (void *pPtr, String name, U32 newcount)
void release (void *pPtr, String name, U32 newcount)
void addReference (void *pPtr, void *pReference, String what)
void removeReference (void *pPtr, void *pReference)
void registerRegion (void *pPtr, void *pT, U32 bytes, String name)
 Register a block of memory. More...
void deregisterRegion (void *pPtr)
String report (void) const
 Generate a report of current object usage. More...
U32 totalCount (void) const

Private Member Functions

void change (BWORD release, void *pPtr, String name, U32 newcount)
void changeReference (BWORD remove, void *pPtr, void *pReference, String what)
String reportAt (std::map< void *, Track >::const_iterator it, std::map< void *, Track >::const_iterator itRoot, U32 depth, BWORD &rCycled) const

Private Attributes

std::map< void *, Track > m_trackMap
String m_name

Detailed Description

Watches the usage of reference counted objects.

Counted has debugging mechanisms that manipulate a Tracker during validation. It can be printed using Counted::reportTracker().

A major singleton (like Registry in the plugin mode) may set up and maintain another Tracker automatically (such as for Component) while in an appropiate debugging mode.

Member Function Documentation

◆ registerRegion()

void fe::Tracker::registerRegion ( void *  pPtr,
void *  pT,
U32  bytes,
String  name 

Register a block of memory.

pPtr is the object as a common form, such as Counted. pT is the start of the actually allocated block.

◆ report()

String fe::Tracker::report ( void  ) const

Generate a report of current object usage.

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