Free Electron
Free Electron Reference Manual

Free Electron is a C++ framework facilitating reuse and integration for R&D projects such as simulation, AI, and visual effects.Core systems include dynamic plugins, a strong component model, and a fast runtime database, all highly extensible.

Simple build files for each module are written directly in Python. The build system supports distcc, ccache, and precompiled headers.

Integration has been demonstrated with Alembic, Arnold, Boost, FBX, Houdini, JSON, Katana, Lua, Maya, OpenAL, OpenCL, ODE, OpenGL, OpenIL, OpenImageIO, OpenMP, OpenSceneGraph, OpenSubdiv, OpenVDB, PCRE, Ptex, SDL, TBB, Unreal, USD/Hydra, and XGen, as well as many proprietary tools.


Architecture and Usage