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FE JointSeparateOp


Separates a multi-joint surface into individual Maya joint objects.


The Input Surface should contain joints encoded into a single surface. If the input is determined to be blank, the output hierarchy is not changed.


The target joints are continuously updated if Update Joints is on. Normal the regular animated joints are used, but Use Reference will convert the reference pose instead.

Normally, the output joint hierarchy is cleared of any unbound joints that aren't present in the input. With Discard Unknown Joints turned off, these nodes will be left in place. This potentially messy choice to keep unused joints is generally not necessary since joints with a lockInfluenceWeights plug connected are presumed to be bound to a skinning system and are never discarded.

The Root Node Name needs to contain the name of a group node where to place the joints, but if an appropriate Output Surface is hooked up, this field should be filled automatically. No data is piped to the Output Surface; the connection is just for identifying the group.

If the Select Node Name field changes, and is not empty, the indicated node within the generated joint hierarchy is selected by Maya. It is expected that this is not the full path name, just the leaf name, and that there is only one such leaf name in the particular joint hierarchy. This could be wired to the Pick Name output of a PuppetOp to facilitate auto-selection though its special visual interface.


(FE alpha) prototype
only available in Maya

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