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FE PuppetOp


Manipulates combined joint geometry.

The current role is to provide reduced-motion skeletons that can be skinned with dynamic rest meshes for cloth simulation.


This tool operates on whole skeletons combined into singular surface objects. For Maya, the JointSeparateOp and JointCombineOp operators can be use to convert to and from native joint node hierarchies.

The Input Joints skeleton surface is altered. An optional Pose Joints can provide a target rest shape.


The Envelope scales the effect of the stretch, bend, and resize controls.

Using Pin Root Position will lock the root joint to its rest position. Independently, Pin Root Rotation lock the root joint to it rest rotation.

If Allow Stretching is on, dynamic joint displacement is allowed. Otherwise, the displacements are locked to the rest pose. This magnitude of the animated displacement can be scaled with Stretch Applied.

If Allow Bending is on, dynamic joint rotation is allowed. Otherwise, the rotations are locked to the rest pose. This magnitude of the animated rotation can be scaled with Bend Applied.

If Allow Resizing is on, dynamic joint local scaling is allowed. Otherwise, this scaling is locked to the rest pose. This magnitude of the animated local scaling can be scaled with Resize Applied.

If Use Custom Rest Pose is on, the pose input is used as a rest target, if provided. Otherwise, the reference data in the first input is used. A fractional Repose Applied will blend from the reference to the auxiliary pose.

When using the FE brush tool, Draw Names will label the joints. The joint bones are normally drawn using their color attribute, but Uniform Color will drawn them all As a specified color.


tested in Houdini and Maya

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