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fe::DrawVectorField Class Reference

draw a vector field More...

#include <DrawVectorField.h>

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Public Types

enum  t_mode {
  e_none = 0,
  e_line = 1<<0,
  e_sphere = 1<<1,
  e_rod = 1<<2,
  e_cone = 1<<3

Public Member Functions

void initialize (void)
virtual void handleBind (sp< SignalerI > spSignalerI, sp< Layout > l_sig)
virtual void handle (Record &r_sig)
virtual bool call (const String &a_name, std::vector< Instance > a_argv)
void setMode (unsigned int a_mode)
- Public Member Functions inherited from fe::Initialized
void initializeAll (void)
void setActive (bool a_active)

Private Member Functions

void setColors (sp< RecordGroup > a_winGroup)
void draw (sp< DrawI > spDraw, sp< VectorFieldI > spField)

Private Attributes

PathAccessor< sp< Component > > m_aVectorField
DrawView m_drawview
AsColor m_asColor
unsigned int m_mode
Color m_color

Additional Inherited Members

- Protected Types inherited from fe::Initialized
typedef void(* InitializeFunction) (Initialized *)
- Protected Member Functions inherited from fe::Initialized
void addInitializer (InitializeFunction function)

Detailed Description

draw a vector field

name doc
setPath [field path]
setMode [none|line|sphere|rod|cone]
accessor sets

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