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fe::RecordSB Class Reference

Reference to an instance of a Layout. More...

#include <RecordSB.h>

Public Member Functions

 RecordSB (I32 ignored=0)
 RecordSB (const RecordSB &other)
RecordSBoperator= (const RecordSB &r_other)
bool operator== (const RecordSB &r_other) const
bool operator!= (const RecordSB &r_other) const
FE_UWORD idr (void) const
 Return a unique runtime id (id-runtime, idr, since 'rid' has other meaning. More...
bool isValid (void) const
 Return true if the Record points to a valid state block. More...
sp< Layout > layout (void) const
 Return the Layout. More...
bool extractInstance (Instance &instance, const String &attrName)
RecordSB clone (void)
template<class T >
T & accessAttribute (FE_UWORD aLocator) const
void * rawAttribute (FE_UWORD aLocator) const

Private Member Functions

void * data (void) const
 Return the state block. More...
LayoutSBrawLayout (void) const
 Return a raw pointer to the Layout. More...
void acquire (void)
void release (void)
void set (void *datablock)
 Set the state block. More...

Private Attributes

sp< LayoutSBm_spLayout
void * m_pStateBlock


class WeakRecordSB
class LayoutSB
class RecordArraySB
class SegmentStore

Detailed Description

Reference to an instance of a Layout.

A record is simply a pointer to a Layout and a pointer to a state block. A state block is a block of memory with Attributes laid out as specified by a Layout object.

Member Function Documentation

◆ data()

void * fe::RecordSB::data ( void  ) const

◆ idr()

FE_UWORD fe::RecordSB::idr ( void  ) const

Return a unique runtime id (id-runtime, idr, since 'rid' has other meaning.

◆ isValid()

bool fe::RecordSB::isValid ( void  ) const

◆ layout()

sp< Layout > fe::RecordSB::layout ( void  ) const

Return the Layout.

Referenced by fe::Scope::finalize().

◆ rawLayout()

LayoutSB * fe::RecordSB::rawLayout ( void  ) const

Return a raw pointer to the Layout.

Mainly intended for Accessor for speed.

◆ set()

void fe::RecordSB::set ( void *  datablock)

Set the state block.

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