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fe::AsSystem Class Reference

System reserved attributes. More...

#include <AccessorSets.h>

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Public Member Functions

void initialize (void)
- Public Member Functions inherited from fe::AccessorSet
 AccessorSet (sp< Scope > spScope)
virtual FE_UWORD size (void) const
virtual BaseAccessoroperator[] (FE_UWORD index)
bool operator== (const AccessorSet &a_aset) const
bool operator< (const AccessorSet &a_aset) const
bool bind (const WeakRecord a_record)
void bind (sp< Scope > spScope)
virtual void populate (sp< Layout > spLayout)
void enforceHaving (const AccessorSet &a_other)
bool bindCheck (sp< Layout > spLayout)
bool check (sp< LayoutSB > spLayout)
bool check (sp< LayoutAV > spLayout)
bool bindCheck (sp< RecordArray > spRA)
bool check (sp< RecordArray > spRA)
bool check (const WeakRecord &a_record)
bool check (const Record &a_record)
void check (const WeakRecord a_record, const char *a_annotation)
void enforce (const String &a_ifHas)
void filter (sp< RecordGroup > rg_output, sp< RecordGroup > rg_input)
hp< Scopescope (void)
void filter (std::vector< Record > &a_records, sp< RecordGroup > rg_input)
const t_bitset & bitset (void) const
void setBitset (const t_bitset &a_bs)
void add (BaseAccessor &a_accessor, const String &a_attribute)
void add (BaseAccessor &a_accessor)
void attach (const WeakRecord &a_record)
- Public Member Functions inherited from fe::Component
const Stringname (void) const
 Return the components chosen name. More...
const String verboseName (void) const
 Return the annotated chosen name. More...
void setName (const String &name)
 Rename the component to anything you want. More...
hp< Registryregistry (void) const
 Get the Registry that created this component. More...
void adjoin (sp< Component > spComponent)
 Tie this component's lifetime to another. More...
sp< Componentcreate (const String &implementation, BWORD quiet=FALSE) const
 Convienience function to registry()->create() More...
void disjoin (void)
 Untie component from Hub, if connected. More...
void setLibrary (sp< Library > spLibrary)
 Store a reference to the library used to instantiate this component. More...
sp< Librarylibrary (void)
 Get the library that created the component. More...
void setSingleton (BWORD set)
 Specify whether component is a singleton. More...
BWORD isSingleton (void)
 Return whether component is a singleton. More...
virtual void acquire (void)
 Specialized reference increment. More...
virtual void release (void)
 Specialized reference decrement. More...
- Public Member Functions inherited from fe::Handled< Component >
const hp< Component > & getHandle (void) const
 Get a safe handle to this object. More...
- Public Member Functions inherited from fe::Protectable
virtual I32 protection (void) const
virtual void protect (void)
virtual void unprotect (void)
virtual Protectableclone (Protectable *pInstance=NULL)
- Public Member Functions inherited from fe::Counted
virtual void acquire (int &rCount)
 Increment the reference count (and get the count) More...
virtual void abandon (void)
 Decrement the reference count. More...
int count (void) const
 Return the count of references. More...
void setName (const String &)
void trackReference (void *pReference, String what)
void untrackReference (void *pReference)
void registerRegion (void *pT, U32 bytes)
- Public Member Functions inherited from fe::Initialized
void initializeAll (void)
void setActive (bool a_active)

Public Attributes

Accessor< int > count
 record reference count More...
Accessor< int > id
 record identifier More...
Accessor< int > sn
 record serial number More...
Accessor< int > ttl
 signal time to live in networking More...

Additional Inherited Members

- Static Public Member Functions inherited from fe::Counted
static String reportTracker (void)
static U32 trackerCount (void)
- Protected Types inherited from fe::Initialized
typedef void(* InitializeFunction) (Initialized *)
- Protected Member Functions inherited from fe::Handled< Component >
void abandonHandle (void)
- Protected Member Functions inherited from fe::Counted
int releaseInternal (void)
 Decrement the reference count. More...
void suppressReport (void)
- Protected Member Functions inherited from fe::Initialized
void addInitializer (InitializeFunction function)
- Protected Attributes inherited from fe::AccessorSet
hp< Scopem_hpScope
Array< BaseAccessor * > m_accessors
t_bitset m_bitset
WeakRecord m_optional_record

Detailed Description

System reserved attributes.

Note that this collection is not intended to be necessarily populated as a full set.

Member Data Documentation

◆ count

Accessor<int> fe::AsSystem::count

record reference count

◆ id

Accessor<int> fe::AsSystem::id

record identifier

◆ sn

Accessor<int> fe::AsSystem::sn

record serial number

◆ ttl

Accessor<int> fe::AsSystem::ttl

signal time to live in networking

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